Shyness and Vacation (Day 2: Cruise 2017)

Are you shy like me, but still want to make the best of your vacation? WELL fellow reader, I have some more words of wisdom that I have picked up during my week long summer cruise. Grab a seat, and keep on reading for more!


I see you have stumbled upon this humble blog post. Welcome, first of all. Secondly, GRAB A SLICE OF CAKE HOMIES, BECAUSE IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP!!?!

*straightens out and readjusts hair and clothes* Now that THAT is taken care of. I will begin by saying that I have allowed my shyness to consume the opportunities which have been placed in front of me. It’s like Pac-man chewing at my self-confidence in talking to new people, sharing my thoughts in class, and most importantly the chances I had at being myself.

Loud and Proud, yet silently alone.

My 12th-grade Literature teacher asked everyone to write a six-word sentence about ourselves. I wrote that. Tell me I am not the only one who feels like I can be myself with my family but in public a complete loner. GTFO of here Melanie Martinez, no one asked for this pity party!

Which is exactly why fate and I decided to post this article on the anniversary of my birth (sounds weird when I say it like that). I am a 19-year-old, strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman, who can do anything I want. Wow, talk about an over-confident bitch, amirite? NO. My point is that this is my affirmation I say whenever I feel like Pac-man is at it again. Research shows that the more you verbally repeat your affirmation, the more likely you are to mentally believe it. Where more importantly, it becomes part of our subconscious. I have my affirmation written out on the four corners of my room where I will most likely run it into it. Every time I see it, I will say it aloud. Every time I am in an uncomfortable situation, I will say it to myself (whispering it or in my head if I am in public). It has been about a month and a half since I’ve been doing this, and I have to say . . . it works!!

This is me participating in the cruise director selfie challenge, while onboard the cruise ship. WHOOP WHOOP!

This is not some magically BS that I would be feeding you. The idea of repeating a mantra to yourself is actually a psychological mechanism we have been using all our lives.

Tell me, have you ever noticed that when you hang around a specific group of people over time, their values and sayings begin to become your own? What about your family? Do you catch what they say, and begin to store it in as the truth? Whether or not you initially believed it was the truth? Here’s an example, “Doing art is a hobby, not a career.” Or maybe, “We don’t have the money for that.” Seemingly harmful statements, but they infect the mind with the belief it is fact. I found myself being frugal with money (even when I desperately needed an item) and almost traded my happiness for the sake of following what my mother wanted me to be. The way of breaking this habit is to replace the negative initial belief for the positive affirmation.

What I am trying to say is that this little affirmative statement gave me the push to beat my shyness. I wanted to bring myself to vacation, not the person I was lowering myself to be. Take the time alone to discover exactly the type of person you want to be because we are adaptable creatures.  Nothing is permanent. Not even our lives.

I think it’s very healthy to spend some time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person.”  -Oscar Wilde



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Till then, I’ll see you soon you strong, intelligent, and beautiful person, who can do anything you want!